Boston Hill Barbecue


We cater parties, company lunches and fundraisers. 

Our proteins are grilled/smoked with fire. 

Our sides, rubs and sauces are made from scratch. 

Our food tastes fabulous.

Want to decrease the stress of hosting a party? 

Enjoy the party, while we worry about the food.

Want to show your employees how much you care?  

Increase worker happiness, while we feed them lunch.

Want to raise money for your cause?

Encourage donor generosity, while we satisfy their appetites.

Boston Hill Barbecue - WE FEED CROWDS.

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Savory Food You'll Love




Satisfy Their Taste Buds


About Us

Kurt von Sneidern has been smoking ribs, pork butts and chicken for 20 years - feeding friends, family and students during that time period.  Hire him to see for yourself if it's "the best pulled pork sandwich I've ever tasted."  Kurt teaches social studies at a nearby high school and has decided to follow his barbecue passion on his weekends and summer days.  He bought a barbecue trailer during the summer of 2018, which has an impressive list of catering gadgets including:  a 36" x 60" smoker, a 24" x 48" grill, double 18" propane burners, a three bay sink (for cleaning utensils), a hand wash sink and storage for two 150 quart coolers.  This 18 foot long trailer is a real conversation starter for the barbecue enthusiast. Hire Boston Hill Barbecue for your next event to experience great tasting food you'll be talking about days afterward.




Our Meats

Pulled Pork: Boston Hill Barbecue uses high quality boneless pork butts,  trimmed and rubbed before smoked over apple wood at 275 degrees. Monitored until an internal temperature of 175 degrees, then wrapped.  The cooking process continues until the magic temperature of 203 degrees. This process develops maximum bark and moistness - a winning combination when the sautéed onions and homemade barbecue sauce smacks your senses.  Try to eat your first bite standing up - you won’t be able to continue as your knees buckle and your backside finds the chair. With or without bread, this pulled pork is nothing like you’ve ever had before. Sweet and savory are the best words to describe it.  Good luck not dreaming about another serving.

Babyback Ribs:  Boston Hill Barbecue only sells babyback ribs with plenty of meat that leave behind teeth marks on every bite.  All racks need to pass the bend test before they get pulled out of the smoker and on to your plate.  These ribs are specifically butchered to include loin meat on each rack, which helps keep them moist and meaty!!  Trimmed, rubbed and ready, they get smoked with apple wood at 275 degrees for 4-6 hours.  The rub, during the final hour of cooking, darkens into a deep mahogany color that speaks to your senses.  Boston Hill Barbecue plates the ribs with a slather of warm sweet sauce. These ribs will have you wanting more.

Pulled Chicken:  Boston Hill Barbecue uses high quality boneless thighs and breasts that are dry rubbed and smoked with apple wood at 275 degrees. Monitored until an internal temperature of 165 degrees, this chicken is moist with a bit of bark.  You could eat it straight out of the smoker, but add warm sauce and your sandwich sings to your senses.  

Brisket:  Boston Hill Barbecue only uses choice cuts of beef for our customers, trimmed, rubbed and ready to smoke at 275 degrees for 6-8 hours.  We wrap at an internal temperature of 175 degrees and place it back in the smoker until the magic temp of 203 degrees.  Once temped, we use the bend test to confirm our beliefs.  Each brisket rests between 1-2 hours before we slice quarter inch pieces across the grain ensuring the pull test needs just a bit of pressure to break it apart.  Double stack slices on a Piantadosi Potato Roll with some Au jus and warm bbq sauce to fully immerse yourself in masterpiece sandwich.  These flavors will assault your senses, leaving you wanting more and more.



Mac & Cheese: Boston Hill Barbecue builds a fantastic tray of macaroni and cheese from scratch.  A blend of three cheeses compliments the right amount of creamy sauce that encapsulates every bite.  Topped with buttered Panko bread crumbs to add a crunch contrast to the soft macaroni. Most customers cannot help but add a bit of pulled pork to every bite.  

Beans: Boston Hill Barbecue has developed their own secret recipe that tantalizes your tastebuds.  A combination of our house barbecue sauce, molasses, dark brown sugar, mustard, Jack Daniel's and other spices, these beans redefine authentic barbecue sides.

Cole Slaw: Boston Hill Barbecue uses a mixture of tang and savory which compliments our pulled pork sandwiches perfectly.  Our cabbage and carrot mixture blends together with a combination of vinegar, mayonnaise, sour cream and spices to leave your lips smacking and your tongue longing for more.

Cornbread: Boston Hill Barbecue prepares this long time barbecue side the morning of at our commissary kitchen.  Each batch is made from scratch with a special ingredient that triggers your senses before you take a bite.   Good luck only eating one piece.


Sauces & Rubs

Sweet Sauce - Boston Hill Barbecue has taste tested dozens of sauces, but still cannot beat this original sauce we crafted 20 years ago.  A perfect blend of wet and dry ingredients tempt your taste buds to slather this on more than just barbecue. The owner regularly squirts it on eggs, burgers, chicken, sausages, hot dogs and any other protein he can find.  If you ask nicely, we will sell you a pint in a to go container.

White Sauce - this Alabama staple has created quite a stir on the V-chicken (nicknamed by high school students where the owner teaches).  Used as both a marinade and a dipping sauce, this combination of ingredients leaves a fantastic savory memory on your lips as you eat each bite of chicken.  This sauce prompted the owner to finally take the plunge and start this catering business. Be sure to add some on the side with your chicken.

Rub: Our dry rub is a special blend of salt, pepper, sugar and spices that are designed to maximize bark development and flavor enhancement.  Many customers enjoy eating our ribs dry (straight out of the smoker without sauce). We encourage you to try it both with and without sauce and decide for yourself which is better.



Our barbecue uses smoke as a flavor enhancement, similar to the rub and sauce.  Together, the temperature, smoke, rub, bark development and sauce makes outstanding barbecue that have kept our customers longing for more.  Call, text or email us to make your next event a unique barbecue experience that your friends and co-workers will be talking about for days.

Boston Hill Barbecue exclusively uses apply wood to smoke all of its pork and poultry.  Our experience has ruled out many other woods and cooking methods as adding too much smoke to the food - which over powers it and at times adds a bitter taste.  

Kurt von Sneidern, "Sir, would you like another pulled pork sandwich today?"
Customer, "Absolutely!  I've been thinking about ordering it as soon as I finished my sandwich yesterday."

Customer from the North Andover Soccer Tournament


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